Sunday, August 10, 2014

How I Moisturise My New Growth At 16 Weeks Post + New Growth Texture Shots

New growth can become a monster if you don't know how to properly tame it, and one of the ways I tame mine is to keep it moisturized. This of course is the key to minimizing breakage during stretching of your relaxers / texlaxers, as well as transitioning.

I like to moisture my new growth by spraying it daily, and to do so I use my  SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangler spray. You guys know how much I love this product since I raved about it just a few weeks ago.  Along with using that I also make sure to deep condition on a weekly basis to ensure my new growth is nice and soft. Combine these two methods work wonders. You can of course use any self made concoction to moisturize your new growth, and the method should be just as effective. Check out my latest video showing how I use my spray bottle of the SheaMoisture product to keep my new growth in check.

 Until Next Time, Ciao Bellas xoxoxo
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